I'm so thrilled you're here! If you're looking to talk and work through tough issues with someone who cares deeply about you as the unique individual you are, then you're in the right place!

I am a firm believe that no matter the person or position they are in, everyone deserves a chance to be heard and to be seen.


I look forward to supporting you on what I know will be an incredible journey! 

From my heart to yours, 


My Guiding Principles

Let's work to challenge the racist and anti-black narratives that we've all been taught from birth.


This is a safe and shame-free zone; and one that is filled with grace and empathy.

Racism and Anti-Blackness

If you're looking for someone to tell you like it is without the gaslighting - then let's talk. As a former Executive Assistant, I have had a front seat to the way companies and executives operate. Need a voice of reassurance or practical advice, book a sesh at a discounted rate.  

Navigating Work as a POC
Being an Ally to BIPOC at Work

You're upset, angry even about the injustices you are witnessing in the workplace. I can help you to find the right strategy and approach to maximize your personal effectiveness as an ally.

There are ways each of us have upheld structures, policies and practices that have elevated in myriad ways one group of people over all others. Let's explore how and why, and what we can do now to change. 

White Supremacy

I am open to hearing about your current needs! Please email me first before booking a session at consulting@aaisharenee.com.

Success Story

"Anyone who is doing the serious and important work of reflection right now is bound to run into patches of doubt, inquiry, confusion or self assessment. To really look at ourselves is to see how we’ve contributed to the problem. 


Aaisha is the ideal person to turn to as we all (hopefully)  explore our beliefs and actions as well as the systems in which we participate, knowingly and unknowingly. She meets you as an individual while helping to place you in the larger picture. 


My perspective has broadened and deepened since working with Aaisha and I have simultaneously become more energized and committed to becoming even more equitable and thoughtful in how I move forward."


- Lakshmi Rengarajan, Former Director of Brand Strategy, Match.com


Single Virtual Session

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Intensive Sessions

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What You Can

A focused exploration on one of the topic areas outlined above. 


Personalized assessment and recommendations to help you navigate internal & external challenges.

A greater capacity to handle situations of the same nature with newfound perspective, wisdom and strategy.

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