"Aaisha is an incredibly authentic, gracious, kind and engaging speaker. We recently hosted an important (and uncomfortable) conversation about racism, white privilege, and how to be better allies to our Black community through the Global Fireside Series. Aaisha spoke from the heart and led the conversation with grace. She held space for each of us to self-reflect and identify ways in which we can do better, all with kindness and compassion. The conversation was incredibly fruitful and the feedback I’ve received from attendees has been nothing short of stellar. I’d highly recommend engaging Aaisha as a speaker - some people just have just ‘got it’. And she most certainly does."
Rhiannon Ward, EA to the Founders at Canva

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"If you are looking for a speaker that will bring your audience along for the ride, Aaisha is the speaker for you! She speaks from the heart and has an amazing ability to draw the audience in. You feel included in her circle and that she is sharing a piece of advice with you and only you. She spoke at our recent Global Fireside Series event on racism and white privilege and I have received nothing but positive feedback from those who attended!"
Nick Ginsburg, EA to the Provost, Monash University

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